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New Perspectives in Critical Data Studies

The Ambivalences of Data Power

edited by Andreas Hepp, Juliane Jarke and Leif Kramp

This Open Access book examines the ambivalences of data power. Firstly, the ambivalences between global infrastructures and local invisibilities challenge the grand narrative of the ephemeral nature of a global data infrastructure. They make visible local working and living conditions, and the resources and arrangements required to operate and run them. Secondly, the book examines ambivalences between the state and data justice. It considers data justice in relation to state surveillance and data capitalism, and reflects on the ambivalences between an “entrepreneurial state” and a “welfare state”. Thirdly, the authors discuss ambivalences of everyday practices and collective action, in which civil society groups, communities, and movements try to position the interests of people against the “big players” in the tech industry. The book includes eighteen chapters that provide new and varied perspectives on the role of data and data infrastructures in our increasingly datafied societies.

The editors of this volume

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp

Dr. Juliane Jarke

Dr. Leif Kramp

1 New Perspectives in Critical Data Studies: The Ambivalences of Data Power—An Introduction
Andreas Hepp, Juliane Jarke, Leif Kramp


Global Infrastructures and Local Invisibilities


2 Data Power and Counter-power with Chinese Characteristics
Jack Linchuan Qiu

Jonathan Bonneau, Laurence Grondin-Robillard, Marc Ménard, André Mondoux
Donna Cormack, Tahu Kukutai


State and Data Justice


Lina Dencik
Göran Bolin
Claude Draude, Gerrit Hornung, Goda Klumbytė
Lyndsay Grant
Lotje Siffels, David van den Berg, Mirko Tobias Schäfer, Iris Muis
Jenni Hokka


Everyday Practices and Collective Action


Elena Maris, Nancy Baym

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