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Studies in Cross-Media Research

Dynamics of Mediatization

Institutional Change and Everyday Transformations in a Digital Age

edited by Olivier Driessens, Göran Bolin, Andreas Hepp and Stig Hjarvard

This volume sheds light on the underlying dynamics of mediatization, disentangling the actual unfolding of mediatization processes. The wide adoption and deep embedding of digital media and technology brings new questions to mediatization studies: how can we grasp this ‘deep mediatization’? In which way should we develop existing approaches of mediatization to analyse such dynamics? What are the consequences of this for theorising and empirically studying mediatization?  By using these questions as a starting point, this book presents an innovative and original collection that is dedicated to both the underlying dynamics of mediatization and recent dynamics related to digital media.

The outcome of the discussions in the Mediatization Section of the European Communications Research and Education Association (ECREA)

The editors of this volume

Dr. Olivier Driessens

Prof. Dr. Göran Bolin

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp

Prof. Dr. Stig Hjarvard

Table of Contents

Introduction: Situating Dynamics of Mediatization
Olivier Driessens, Stig Hjarvard

Rethinking the Dynamics of Mediatization

The Identity of Mediatization: Theorizing a Dynamic Field
Marian T. Adolf

Mediatization from Below
Magnus Andersson

Mediatization: From Structure to Agency (and Back Again)
Zrinjka Peruško

Towards the “Audiencization” of Mediatization Research? Audience Dynamics as Co-Constitutive of Mediatization Processes
Kim Christian Schrøder

Dynamics in Politics and Organizations

The Localities of Mediatization: How Organizations Translate Mediatization into Everyday Practices
Magnus Fredriksson, Josef Pallas

Is There Any Future for Research on the Mediatization of Politics?
Barbara Brodzińska-Mirowska, Łukasz Wojtkowski

The Dynamics of Resistance and Response to Mediatization in Government: Whitehall Press Officers Caught in the “Cross-Field” Since 1997
Ruth Garland

Autonomy Losses or Heightened Control? On the Limits of the Idea of Media Autonomy in the Mediatization of Politics Narrative
Ximena Orchard

Part III Institutions and Organizations

10 Mediatization of the Automobile
James Miller

11 The Mediatization of Fashion: The Case of Fashion Blogs
Nete Nørgaard Kristensen, Christa Lykke Christensen

12 Musicalization and Mediatization
Tobias Pontara, Ulrik Volgsten

13 The Legacy of Mediatization: When the Media Became Cultural Heritage
Christian Hviid Mortensen

14 The Mediatization of Urban Cultural Heritage: Participatory Approaches to Narrating the Urban Past
Arno van der Hoeven


15 The Complexities of Mediatization: Charting the Road Ahead
Göran Bolin, Andreas Hepp

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